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Reversing Insomnia
The Instant Guide To Sleeping Like A Baby Tonight





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This book "Reversing Insomnia" is revised and rewritten in 2020.

This book "Reversing Insomnia in 3 Days" is revised and rewritten in 2020.


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(You don’t need to read the whole book),
But you need to follow the instructions rigorously ]

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                                   TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN

RE: Dr. Rao Konduru’s Publications:
       Reversing Obesity
       Reversing Sleep Apnea
       Reversing Insomnia

        Dr. Rao Konduru, PhD is a patient of mine who has suffered from chronic diabetes for most of his life; He also suffered from uncontrollable obesity, sleep apnea and chronic insomnia for the past 3 to 4 years. He has managed to reverse all of these conditions by taking non-pharmacological and science-based natural measures with great success. He has created 3 how-to user guides/books with regard to how he achieved this, and I recommend these books for anyone suffering from these conditions.


Dr. Ali Ghahary, MD
Brentwood Medical Clinic
4567 Lougheed Hwy

Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada



At first we read “Reversing Obesity” another book by Dr. RK, and we found it better than the best books in the weight-loss industry. His recipe for the pre-workout meal “Egg White Omelet” is a major highlight. Anyone can lose weight by eating whole foods and by following the simple instructions for rapid weight loss method illustrated by Dr. RK.

After that we read his second book “Reversing Sleep Apnea” and we were blown away by its extremely impressive contents. Dr. RK convinces you beyond a shadow of a doubt that obstructive sleep apnea can be reversed simply and easily by losing weight. He has covered all the important therapies that a sleep apnea patient would ever need.

Then we read his third book “Reversing Insomnia” and his writing keeps getting more and more interesting. Dr. RK describes exactly where the planet Earth is located in our universe, and how it creates the daytime and nighttime by rotating on its own axis and by revolving around the sun. He divides the 24-hour master biological clock into two parts, one for the daytime and the other for the nighttime, and instructs the insomniacs what to do exactly as the day progresses and as the night progresses. By simply following his
instructions, naturally, and without ever using sleeping pills, anyone can reset his/her master biological clock, and sleep like a baby within a few days. What a wonderful book!

 - Prime Publishing Co.
New Westminster, British Columbia, Canada


This book “Reversing Insomnia” is the simplest, and perhaps the safest way to cure chronic insomnia. Dr. RK has done all the spadework and leaves the rest of us to reap the benefits. All one has to do is read and follow the simple do-it-yourself instructions.


Hats off to Dr. RK and his impressive research. He figured how the master biological clock embedded in the brain works, and came up with an effortless and natural method to permanently cure chronic insomnia. He applied and tested his discovery on himself. It took him just 3 days to reverse his chronic insomnia after suffering from it for over 3 years.

After reading the entire book, I wholeheartedly believe it is the best cure for the sleep disorder.
One, because it hardly takes time to cure the insomnia; two, because it has no side effects; and three, because sleeping pills are a complete waste of money.


It really works. So, just give it a try!

- Ms. Muriel D'Souza, Advertising Copywriter, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada






The Master Biological Clock located in the brain of every human being coordinates all the body clocks so that they are in synch. Each body clock has its own function. The Master Biological clock is made up of a group of about 20, 000 nerve cells in the brain called Suprachiasmatic Nucleus (SCN), and is located in the hypothalamus, just above the optic nerve, and its major function is to control the circadian rhythms.

Sunlight, by passing through the retinas of our eyes, enters the hypothalamus and tells the Master Biological Clock the time of the day. The intensity of the sunlight is highly responsible for the production of serotonin that gives us the joyous feeling. Moonlight signals the Master Biological Clock, and in turn to the pineal gland, that it is the nighttime and it is the time to secrete melatonin. The melatonin production tells your body that it is time to sleep. The melatonin does not induce the sleep, but it is up to the individual to understand the body language (it is time to sleep), to stay in a quiet and calm darkroom, to relax smoothly by suppressing all the thoughts of the mind, and to go to the bed in an attempt to sleep.

By living under the sunlight or bright lights during the day, and by living strictly in the dark during the night without exposing to bright lights, it is possible to reverse chronic insomnia. This is the fundamental principle based on which the method of reversing chronic insomnia has been derived and outlined in this book.

It is not that difficult to treat chronic insomnia. You absolutely do not need sleeping pills. If you read, understand and follow carefully all 24 instructions outlined in the Main Article of this book, you can reverse chronic insomnia in 3 days to 3 weeks. Believe it or not, Dr. RK reversed his chronic insomnia in 3 days after suffering from it for more than 3 years.



Computers, laptops, iPads, iPhones, tablets, cell phones, many other gadgets, and bright light bulbs at home, work place, and outdoors, they all attack our eyes with “artificial bright light late at night,” tricking our body’s master biological clock into living at a perpetual high noon, mimicking the sunlight. The brain therefore enters into a state of confusion, and becomes unable to recognize that it is the nighttime, and does not secrete the natural melatonin from the pineal gland, which is essential to fall asleep and maintain sleep at night, thereby developing insomnia.

A Few Insomnia Statistics
                                                  30 to 50% of the world suffer from insomnia.
                                                  Americans spend 11 hours a day with electronic media.
                                                  70% of Insomniacs are depressed; 40% have anxiety issues.
                                         People aged 45 to 64 had higher odds of reporting insomnia.
                                                  Weight gain is a contributing factor in causing insomnia.
                                                    Drowsy driving is the reason for 1,550 fatalities/yr in USA alone.
                                                  40,000 nonfatal injuries are reposted annually in the USA alone.




                1. Drinking Water Guide (Book)      


                2. Permanent Diabetes Control

                3. Reversing Obesity (Book)

                4. Reversing Sleep Apnea (Book)



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The author of this book titled “Reversing Insomnia” assumes no liability or responsibility including, without limitation, incidental and consequential damages, personal injury or wrongful death resulting from the use of any treatment method presented in this book. Misusing the insomnia treatment procedure with inexperience and carelessness could lead to adverse side effects. More specifically, overexposure to the bright sun and/or to bright lights without appropriate caution and care could cause skin cancer, eyestrain or other health problems. A reader should seek appropriate medical advice when using the methods illustrated in this book. All contents of this book are for educational purpose only and do not in any way represent professional medical advice.



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This book "Reversing Insomnia" is revised and rewritten in 2020.
This book "Reversing Insomnia in 3 Days" is revised and rewritten in 2020.

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